24 stunning Welsh girls’ names you will wish had been yours

24 stunning Welsh girls’ names you will wish had been yours

If you are interested in child names, they are gorgeous

  • 17:02, 15 JUL 2015
  • Updated 12:04, 1 MAR 2019

These Welsh girls’ names are unique.

They each noise poetic, usually date straight straight right back hundreds of years and also have meanings rooted in nature and legend.

If you’re trying to find a true title, check out through these for motivation.

If you are perhaps perhaps not a Welsh presenter, we have because of the most useful approximate pronunciation for every single title.

And if you want some Welsh boys’ names, there is some strong people right here.

Meaning: Foxgloves

The manner in which you state it: Ffee-on

Meaning: The Welsh same in principle as the name Laura

It: Low-ree how you say

Meaning: Summer

The way you say it: Pronounced just like ‘halve’ in English

Dawn meaning

It: Goo-aoor how you say

Meaning: Melody

It: Al-aw how you say

Meaning: Pure, bright

The manner in which you state it: Eye-ree-an-wen

Meaning: Flora

It: Fleer how you say

Meaning: Snow

It: Eye-ra how you say

Meaning: mild breeze

The method that you state it: Ah-well

Meaning: It hails from ‘Gwen’ (white) and ‘llian’ (flaxen)

The way you state it: Gwen-llian

The ‘Ll’ can be an aspirated l. form your lips and tongue to pronounce L, then blow atmosphere gently all over sides associated with the tongue. The nearest you will get for this noise in English would be to pronounce it being an L having a Th in-front from it.

Meaning: Fair maiden

The way you state it: Ree-an-wen

Meaning: Sunshine

The way you state it: Hile-wen

Meaning: Rainbow

The way you state it: En-viss

Meaning: Primrose

The method that you state it: Bree-all-en (the aspirated ‘l’ sound like in Gwenllian above)

Meaning: Star

It: Seren how you say

Meaning: Great Queen (this isn’t a literal meaning but perhaps based on a classic Celtic name)

The way you state it: Ree-an-on

Meaning: White flower

The manner in which you state it: Blod-wen

Meaning: favorite

The way you state it: Ang-haa-rad

Meaning: Gentle, meek, mild

It: Ath-vooyn (the ‘th’ sound is soft, as in though how you say)

Meaning: Snowdrop

The way you state it: Ire-liss

Meaning: Fair or pure-breasted

The manner in which you state it: Bron-wen

Meaning: White comfort

The way you state it: Heth-wen (the ‘th’ sound is soft, such as though)

Meaning: Cheerful, bright, pleasant

It: Sirr-yol how you say

Meaning: Maiden (a variation of ‘rhiain’, the Welsh term for maiden)

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