pay for a research paper com – The EC now takes the analysis of changes announced by Poland.

See also: Who will win the elections in Ukraine? Comedian still in the lead [POLL] »Ukraine Tusk received honorary doctorates from the National University of Lviv» According to the SBU pyramid included the constituencies in which the head of one sector managers oversee the electoral districts. Below them were the people responsible for separate polling stations and at the lowest level, those who had directly urged voters to vote “in favor of a particular candidate.” SBU submitted that the activities of the pyramid was financed with “dirty money”, and among the involved in this practice are Russian citizens and foreigners who worked in Russia in the organization of the election campaign for the ruling camp. The deputy head of the SBU Viktor Kononenko said that the pyramid worked since November 2018. Election of the President of Ukraine will take place on 31 March. According to a survey published Wednesday in Kiev Razumkov Center enjoys the greatest support Volodymyr Żeleński television comedian, star of the popular television series “Servant of the Nation”; She wants to vote for him 19 percent. among those who will participate in the elections. In second place is the incumbent president, Petro Poroshenko, who is running for re-election.

He received in this study, 16.8 percent. support, ahead of Tymoshenko, who got 13.8 percent. votes. If the election results do not settle on 31 March, the second round of voting will take place on April 21. In his opinion, although earlier it was difficult to imagine, the party may lose the election, so the need to mobilize moral. – This is the result that more and more party conflicts reaches Nowogrodzka – said one of the PiS deputies. – It’s a matter of pride and image-errors – says another politician close to the Novgorod. An example of awards were for government ministers Beata Awl. While the Prime Minister was recently defended them, PiS politicians know that voters might not forgive them. Kaczynski is afraid that too confident the party will lose the ability to react to mistakes and plunged into factional fighting. – not even about the situation in the government, but heats the local elections – says one of the politicians of the ruling group. The strategy is based on two pillars.

Goodwill gestures on the one hand, the leader of Law and Justice wants to calm the situation in stronnictwie and painlessly move them up to the election mode. On the other, it’s about the withdrawal of the greatest conflicts of binding the hands of the government abroad, such as the dispute over the legality of the European Commission and the IPN with the United States and Israel. In this last important is the opinion of the Attorney General to the Constitutional Court. Zbigniew Ziobro challenging the constitutionality of provisions enabling it to prosecute foreign nationals beyond the Polish borders. Although it is not known when the Tribunal will decide the request of the President Andrzej Duda, opinion Ziobro has to calm the greatest concern in Israel and the United States concerning enforcement of survivors or their families for the statements concerning the behavior of Poles during the occupation also niemieckiej.zobacz: Modern: Proposals regarding the PiS. This mock justice movement and powdering reality “Even more important are gestures at the European Commission, the proposals for revisions to the laws on Supreme Court and common courts system. Talks on this issue lasted for several weeks, and fitting the changes were in store in deep secrecy in order to give the Commission’s argument to the closing of a dispute on the rule of law and withdraw the proposal of the Council of the EU on this issue. – We get signals from the Member States, that this step is being received positively.

The Commission may be more willing to withdraw its proposal – says a person familiar with the course of the talks. According to our information, this week held talks with the Commission on its assessment of the proposed changes. From them will depend on whether it is possible there will still be some adjustment. Mateusz Morawiecki Prime Minister announced new projects, the head of the European Commission immediately after their submission to Parliament. The conversation took place on Thursday on the sidelines of the EU summit. The head of Polish government said then that “the wise and compromise” approach chairman Jean-Claude Juncker may be useful in further talks.

Morawiecki also stated that he wanted to key elements of the reform have not been violated. At the same time in his assessment of the proposed changes allow the other side “to say that the Polish can get along.” With utmost sympathy Juncker said in turn that it accepts the Polish proposal “with the utmost sympathy.” Callers in the EC also did not hide satisfaction. One of them points out that the possibilities discussed concessions to Warsaw earlier. Raised was the issue of the retirement age of judges and publication of outstanding judgments CT. But they did not know when to expect this, and the fact that it took place two days after sending the response to the recommendations of the EU, in which it rejected de facto, is surprising. The EC now takes the analysis of changes announced by Poland.

It is not known whether they will be deemed sufficient to the European Commission withdrew its proposal to mobilize the art. 7. From Brussels swim but signs that the two sides can now play the whole thing slowing down. – There will be a permanent conversation, the Commission will consult with Member States of the EU Council. And so for the next year’s elections to the European Parliament. And in the next term of office will neither Juncker nor his deputy Frans Timmermans, who is pushing this issue – we hear. On the offensive legislative legal ground offensive legislative PiS deputies actually change little. Project on TK presupposes publication of three judgments of 2016. Relating to the provisions that have already been removed from the law.

The most important of them found that the regulations that allowed the ruling camp to choose extracurricular three judges TK, are inconsistent with the Basic Law. Justice ignored this ruling, so cast selected by the judges themselves not two seats in the tribunal, but as many as five. Most constitutionalists called these three additional judges stand-ins, and believes that they have no legitimacy to orzekania.zobacz also Awl in Parliament: Law and Justice Ministers of government were a reward for hard, honest work “- Publication of the judgments will, however, unequivocal confirmation of the fact that the ruling party broke right. And any comment posted on the published judgment will not change – dismisses Dr. Richard Balicki from the University of Wroclaw.

The draft stipulates that judgments will be published with a note that relate to the provisions already in force. After the announcement of plans for the decisions of the Constitutional Tribunal there was also speculation that the ruling party can go one step further and agree to the swearing-in of three judges, who were chosen correctly – according to unpublished so far Tribunal’s judgment – by the majority of the PO-PSL, and from which the president did not receive the oath . – It seems to me unrealistic. In this way the ruling would grant that the Tribunal adjudicate people who have no right to be there. And there would be a problem of what to do with the rulings in which they took part release – Dr. Balicki suspects.

In his view, a variant of gradual inclusion of judges in the unsworn was possible until the judges began Dublerzy not participate in issuing rulings. Now, however, things had gone too far. Also apparent volt second of the proposed project can not be considered a breakthrough. It provides, inter alia, that the procedure for the dismissal of presidents and vice-presidents of colleges will be included in court. If the college does not agree, the minister will be able to even try to get issued with one at the National Council of the Judiciary. Designers obviously want to create the impression that the power of the Minister of Justice of the presidents will not be unlimited. – The problem, however, lies in the fact that already there is no minister in this regard complete freedom. After all, the existing legislation requires the President appealed the decision of the National Court – Jacek notes Ignaczewski, judge of the District Court in Olsztyn.

Another issue is that the current composition of the National Court from the beginning of March, includes judges appointed by the Parliament present, and most of them have very clear links with the justice minister. – This apparent volt from the ruling is evidence that they came to the National Court in their opinion the appropriate people. It also shows that the whole reform was not just about the exchange of human resources – sums Ignaczewski.zobacz also Juncker is the initiative of the Polish authorities “with the utmost symaptią.” Turn? “We’ll see” »The draft also proposes that a part of the powers in relation to the judiciary, which so far have been in the hands of the minister, the president went on. This should include to nominate assessors or consenting to further adjudication by a judge after reaching the age at which retires. – Still, he would do it representative of the executive power. So you can not talk about a fundamental change – says the judge Olsztyn. The project also envisages the introduction of a single age at which judges regardless of gender will be passed in a state of rest. It has be 65 years. On Monday, the third part of the meeting of the Parliamentary Club of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski attended – announced on Twitter the club head of PiS, Ryszard Terlecki.

As learned PAP Monday meeting will begin at. 17. and Kaczynski will meet with Members: Podlasie, Mazovia and Lublin province. In mid-September, it began a series of four meetings with Kaczynski’s Law and Justice MPs from different regions. See also: Siemoniak: Negotiations Duda and Kaczynski’s massacre of parliamentarism »” First of all, realize the idea that the club is divided into members of the four districts, or widely understood Polish regions and those four games in succession to take place, so as to allow a debate ” – PAP said Terlecki. “Among the three hundred people, it is difficult to speak, among the sixty easier and this is the reason why there is this division,” – explained the head of the club PiS. During previous meetings they raised the issue .: next year’s local elections, changes in the administration of justice and issues related to the situation in the regions. PO politicians laid flowers on a Sunday morning before the official state ceremonies, which will be held in the 47 anniversary of December’70. “The memory of people who died in December 1970.

Is our duty. This is part of our difficult, but also the magnificent heritage of the inhabitants of Szczecin and Western Pomerania, “- he added Geblewicz. When asked why the Speaker of the West Pomeranian Province will not take part in the official celebrations of the anniversary of December’70, he said that “today’s ruling party does not want to celebrate any holidays together.” “Law and Justice wants to take possession of everything. We stand today where citizens are facing: are these political lumpami + + + kanaliami + + + sorta worse, as we determine. Power in December 1970.

Just behave very arrogantly, brazenly “- said Geblewicz. “If today will be here before the gate of the shipyard most important state authorities, which do not respond to such words as lumpy worth it to not only laid flowers here and pretend some celebre, but to consider it in their hearts and minds” – he added. Polish deputy deputy told PAP that “since the PiS in Poland is governed by the Civic Platform is the official celebration of the very badly seen.” “It becomes a celebration of PiS. This leads to verbal attacks, aggressive behavior towards us. We do not want to bring this day to a scandalous scenes. If the organizers, and politicians from PiS can not keep the culture, we try not to enter into each other’s way, because it is unworthy of the day and the memory of people who died here, “- stressed the MP. “Not so long ago we became here together and I think that one day it will come back.

But that it was probably have to change governments. Both the President of Szczecin, as well as the organizers of this event, they should ensure that celebrations were common, and not just one side. It is sad, “- added the deputy was. At. 11.45 at the gate of Szczecin Shipyard will begin the official celebration of the anniversary events with the participation of Prime Minister December’70 Mateusz Morawiecki, head of the Office of the President Halina Szymańska, Joachim Brudzinski Deputy Speaker of Parliament, representatives of the province and the city, West Pomeranian parliamentarians, as well as trade unionists and representatives of workplaces residents of Szczecin. From the gate of the shipyard hours. 13 will go through the streets of Szczecin March of Remembrance for Victims of December’70.

Participants march in the chair. 14 meet at the monument of the Angel of Freedom pl. Solidarity. At the same municipal initiative of the National Museum in Szczecin, in the chair. 17 candles will burn Contracting inscription: “grudzień’70.” December 17, 1970 year, the news of the announcement by the then state authorities increases in food prices, the Shipyard.

Adolf Warski strike broke out in Szczecin. Shipyard workers took to the streets. They joined them employees of other establishments and residents of Szczecin. The demonstrators walked to the center of the building of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party, hoping to talk with representatives of the party. Because not met their postulate, demonstrators set fire to the building committee. In response, police and soldiers began firing in the direction of the crowd.

16 people were killed, over 100 injured. Corpses were buried secretly at night, unable to attend the burial of immediate family only. (PAP) by Marta Zabłocka Thirty-four people “can not be added, but there is (the ship) very dense fog” – told CNN Eliason. “We still have hope that some of them managed to swim to shore. When you accuse the anchor for the night, they are quite close to the shore. We must hope, but be prepared for a worst-case scenario,” – he added. Fire brigade in Santa Barbara received signal “mayday” unit approx.

H. 3.30 in the night from Sunday to Monday local time (12.30 on Monday in Poland). On the other hand, Bill Nash tour Ventura County reported that a fire killed many people. “It’s a big boat and we know that there are many casualties. I do not know the exact number,” – he said. He added that the ship is approx. 20 miles from the coast (approx. 32 km) in the Channel Islands National Park on the Pacific Ocean.

According to CNN quoted by Nathan Alldredge’a from the port of Santa Barbara burning unit is about a 20-meter diving mothership Conception.

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