Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan

Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan

Lesbian National Parks and Services

Lesbian National Parks and Services ended up being established in 1997 to place a presence that is lesbian the landscape. In complete uniform as Lesbian Rangers, Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan patrol parklands, challenging the typical public’s ideas of tourism, activity, as well as the “natural” environment. Built with informative brochures and well-researched knowledge, they’ve been a noticeable homosexual existence in spaces where ideas of history and biology exclude all but a really few.

The Rangers come in near constant demand while having performed “tours-of-duty” across Canada and abroad such as the Sydney Gay/Lesbian Mardi Gras (Australia) and Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (United States Of America) in every method of landscapes from areas to town roads to university halls. They will have additionally written brochures and publications, developed postcards and videos, recruiting and informing since to 1997. The Rangers’ work is on going.

“Do unto lesbians unto you. While you will have lesbians do”

First done: July 1997, Banff National Park, Walter Phillips Gallery, The Banff Centre when it comes to Arts, Banff, Alberta

Photos by Don Lee and Laura Vanags of this Banff Centre, Wolfgang Gunzel, Zab, Sheila Spence and Art Gallery at University of Lethbridge

The next is an excerpt through the Handbook associated with the Junior Lesbian Ranger, self-published, 2001.

Everyone else really wants to be a Junior Lesbian Ranger. Some like to wear the famous uniform. Some cannot await adventures within the bush. Plus some seek the companionship which comes from being significantly more than a cousin to a other Ranger. Whatever your basis for planning to join the corps, you need to. Realize all of the duties and obligations that are included with being fully a Junior Lesbian Ranger.

It could be difficult to think when it comes to brand new recruit, but just 10% of every female populace is lesbian. Undoubtedly with knowledge, spunk, and a small elbow oil we could enhance upon this! But exactly just exactly how? Above all, every Junior Ranger should do all she will to provide and protect the lesbian wilds. Become familiar with nature. We Rangers ask ourselves The Three Ws: “Where does she live? ”, “What does she consume? ”, and “With who does she rest? ” In the event that you keep in mind these helpful questions, you soon should be able to recognize all sorts of fascinating people. More to the point, you shall have the data needed to assist our figures thrive and multiply. Research zealously and observe respectfully. Very quickly you should have lesbians that are wild from your own hand.

Listed here is an excerpt form the Lesbian National Parks and Services Field help Guide to the united states (Pedlar Press, 2002). Available through bookstores in your area!

Few in our midst can resist the roly-poly antics of romping bear cubs, the startling elegance of prairie antelope or the sullen pose of nocturnal club rats. Animals add greatly to the satisfaction for the natural globe. They offer solace, inspiration and an excuse that is good a tromp within the bush.

Known as for the great looking mammary glands that characterize the feminine of this genus, animals vary in dimensions through the massive Blue Whale to your diminutive Pigmy Shrew and inhabit every understood ecosystem, from arctic barrens to fragrant swamps, from deepest oceans to your wilderness sands, from lofty hills to arid plains and from town roads to residential district sprawl. Mammals are our animals, our dinners, our workmates and our buddies. You will find 350 types of the hairy, warm-blooded animals residing north associated with the border that is mexican.

Important to our economies and our ecosystems, peoples life is inextricably bound to the mammalian brethren. For we are mammals ourselves though we sometimes forget, even the lowliest of creatures, be they Big-Eared Bats or Hog-Nosed Skunks, are our cousins.


Pilot Lorri Millan and Flight Attendant Shawna Dempsey board people for the performance aboard an antique Vickers Viscount passenger jet. The journey that is metaphysical the entwined fates of a set of newlyweds, a precocious kid, a war veteran and a hijacker. But, this is the market who will be the real people, travelling through some time room as Dempsey and Millan spin a 1970s tale laced with disco, salted peanuts and transcendence.

“This is 1979. The journey attendant is contemporary. She actually is a item for the intimate revolution and women’s lib. She’s got a working task and her own apartment. She’s visited discos in big urban centers. Whenever she looks up to the evening sky, she scans for UFOs. This might be 1979, whenever airlines take hijackers where they would like to get. No protection checks, no searches, no air marshals. Every pilot that is international given a map of Havana’s airport. It really is that typical. This might be 1979, whenever every thing appears possible because all things are impossible. The red switch, the Cold War, nuclear war, nuclear wintertime… time is ticking! Absolutely absolutely Nothing inspires residing like imminent death. ”

Duration: 35 moments

First performed: May 2014, Western Canadian Aviation Museum, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Photos by Lorri Millan and Lief Norman

The Local Sky Tonight

The Local Sky Tonight or what exactly is Being Refused is a component planetarium show, and component rumination on Alice in Wonderland, the type of rabbits and heroes: an off-kilter help guide to the movie movie movie stars tonight.

“I’m belated, we’m belated for my life! To complete listings referencing hot college porn to accomplish lists, referencing calendars referencing alerts very long since ignored. The clock that is giant of cosmos… sunlight increase, sunset: that song over and over over and over repeatedly stuck within my mind…. “

Duration: 35 mins

First performed: 2016, FADO, Toronto, Ontario february

Photos bt Peter Chen

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